FMN 06-22 Sandeman 40-year tawny port

Sandeman 40-year tawny port                                               Oporto, Portugal                                           $160

The aromas of dried apricot, sweet balsamic, raw honey, and a nuttiness. The palate has obvious residual sugar (125g/L) but seems perceptively lower with the elevated level of acidity. The flavors mirror the nose with the added note of nut skin, reduced orchard fruit and a slight citrus rind. The alcohol is evident but not hot or off putting. The flavors and alcohol continue to a complex, lingering finish that is reminiscent of a dessert containing orchard fruit flambe cooked in balsamic and honey. It seems expensive but you can sip on these wines for three months or so before you start to see some fading. Pair with pecan pie, crème caramel, roasted chestnut dishes, aged Manchego cheeses.

(Budget alternative) Sandeman 20-year tawny port ~ $50