Easy but Delicious Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled Wine Recipe


A bottle (750 ml) of mid-range dry red wine (I like to use a Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah)

Brandy (1/3 cup)

2 Fresh oranges (blood oranges if you can find them)

Peel skin from one orange and juice the rest

Save 1 orange that you will slice for garnish

2 Cinnamon sticks whole

8 Whole cloves

3 cardamom pods

1 tsp black peppercorns (not ground pepper)

Sweetener (I use maple syrup)



Pour wine into a mid-sized pot (3 qt sauce pan) – for one batch

Add the juice from 1 orange

Add all the spices and aromatics

Hold the brandy and maple syrup for later

Put mixture over low heat

Don’t Screw It Up Tip

Wine has alcohol and sensitive to heat

Heating it too quickly or too much can cause loss of flavor and alcohol.

Neither of those is a good thing.

Heat the mixture up slow, just below the simmer stage. (slight steaming with no bubbles)

Another Tip

The longer you leave the spices in the hot liquid (steeping process) the more spice flavor will be extracted.

There is a tipping point!

Eventually the spices will begin to impart a bitterness into the drink

Back to the Process

After 10 minutes, I begin to taste every 3-5 minutes.

When it just begins to seem bitter, you are there.

Remove the spices – I suggest a strainer lined with cheese cloth (this is only because I’m a bit neurotic about floaters in my drink

Place the strained liquid back on a warm burner and taste (needs a little sugar, right?)

Add the brandy (1/3 cup)

At this point I like to back sweeten with maple syrup -I add about a quarter cup (4 Tbs) and let dissolve

Taste and add more for your personalized sweetness needs

Pour into clear handled mug and garnish with citrus slice and cinnamon stick and serve

Serving suggestion

You can keep mixture in a crock pot on warm for hours at a party (spices removed)

I like to have slices of orange (blood orange if you can get it) and cinnamon sticks beside the crock pot.

Storing Leftovers

I rarely have issues with leftover beverage, but if you do, I have a solution

Place the mulled wine in an airtight container (vacuum sealed is best)

It will keep in the fridge for about 3 days. (I recommend heating it back up the next day)